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14th July 2012

The lack of summer sunshine has not stopped the lily blooming. Over 20 flowers so far - I'll have to split it this year!

Pnod 14/07/12

14th March 2012

The pnod appeared to have a leak, but I managed to track it down to a fold of liner which was trapped under an edging slab instead of behind it. Phew! I must have done it when putting wires under the slabs to hold marginal plants. The marginals I have now are an iris, some water mint and a thing which shall be nameless, because numpty here forgot to keep its label!

The tadpoles are now hatched and have disappeared, presumably to the bottom of the pnod.

19th February 2012

The frogs spawned on 19th February. I counted ten frogs in total and they laid three batches of spawn, although one was infertile.

Here are two of the frogs with a batch of spawn in the background.

Frogs and spawn 19/02/12

6th January 2012

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