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22nd October 2008

At least two of the shubunkins are missing. Unfortunately, the webcam was off due to some decorating work being done near the PC which controls it, so I have no idea where they went, although there was some weed trailed onto the edge of the pnod and some damage to lily leaves. Although it's tempting to blame the previous thieves, it could just as easily be a cat. It's a shame either way, as they were two of the original inhabitants of the pnod.

15th July 2008

Snapshot of the pnod.

The Pnod 15th July 2008

19th May 2008

I've been experimenting with a webcam, to see what birds and other wildlife comes to the pond and to my front yard in general.

I did not expect thesethieving scumbags.

If you recognise them, please contact me at the email address on the home page.

8th May 2008

I got home today to find this fellow sitting in the Pnod.

Frog in the pond 8th May 2008

I looked out later and saw him sitting on the side of the Pnod in the rain.

Frog by the pond 8th May 2008

5th May 2008

The fish in the Pnod spawned this morning. I saw a couple of small frogs in the pond earlier in the week, but I haven't seen any tadpoles since shortly after they hatched. I suspect that the fish have eaten them all. The water lily is putting out leaves at quite a rate at the moment. I don't think it ever became properly dormant for winter, because the weather was so mild.

The Pnod 5th May 2008

7th February 2008

We have frogs' spawn! This year there are two clumps, an improvement on last year (and two weeks earlier). I've seen at least 4 frogs in the water. Note the two different colours under the camera flash. The spawn clumps were laid a couple of days apart. I think the darker coloured eggs are the most recent.

Frogspawn 7th February 2008

1st February 2008

Just a quick photo of the Pnod. A couple of the fish can be seen in the foreground.

The Pnod 1st February 2007

15th January 2008

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