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17th October 2007

The autumn netting is on.

The Pnod 17th October 2007

Here are some of the youngsters from last year in my living room tank. They are free to good homes, but bear in mind that they can't go into a pond at this time of year.

2006 Youngsters - 17th October 2007

Here are some more of the youngsters, in my brother's pnod. This was taken in the summer.

Youngs fish in new home

24th June 2007

The lily has produced its first bloom of the year.

The Pnod 24th June 2007

Lily flower 24th June 2007

6th June 2007

The lily is producing a lot of leaves now.

The Pnod 6th June 2007

Here's a photo of some of last year's youngsters. They are about 2-3 inches long.

Young goldfish 6th June 2007

18th April 2007

The fish spawned this morning. I won't be raising any this year, as I still have about 60 from last year to rehome! They are still free to good homes if you live in the Plymouth, Devon area. Just drop me an email if you would like any (contact address is on the home page).

16th April 2007

After the unseasonally warm weather, I've had to top up the pond. The lily has already produced several small leaves. Meanwhile, in the world of frogs, I have a small water butt full of healthy tadpoles, which I'm feeding with crushed lettuce leaves at the moment.

The Pnod 16th April 2007

25th February 2007

The frogs were noisy last night. I took this photograph of frogs in amplexus (their courtship "hug") at about midnight with my mobile phone. Most of the earlier spawn in the pond has been moved to the water butt, to prevent the goldfish polishing off the tadpoles. The spawn found on the yard does not appear to be fertile, but that from the pond is clearly developing.

Frogs in amplexus 22nd February 2007

22nd February 2007

The frogs have been busy, but at least this time they got the spawn in the pond!

Frogspawn 22nd February 2007

21st February 2007

Well, I got home from work today to find three small clumps of frogspawn - on the concrete yard! We've had some heavy rainfall, so I can only assume that it was either washed out of the pond or actually laid in the yard whilst it was wet. Anyway, I've put it in the small water butt in the corner of the yard and it'll be interesting to see if any tadpoles hatch. I haven't seen any frogs lately, but they're clearly around.

1st January 2007

The first photo of the pnod in 2007. There was a big thunderstorm overhead at lunch time and the result was a huge downpour of pea-sized hail, leaving everything looking white.

The Pnod 1st January 2007