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Six species of amphibians are native to Great Britain :

  • common frog
  • common toad
  • natterjack toad*
  • smooth newt
  • palmate newt
  • great crested newt*

*protected species

The two species introduced into the Pnod are shown below:

Common Frog

Frogs are usually seen in spring or early summer when they return to the water to breed. Although the common frog is the only native species in the British Isles, two other species have been introduced in southern England - the edible frog and the marsh frog.


Smooth Newt

The smooth (or common) newt enters the water to breed in the spring and can often be seen as it rises to the surface for air. In the breeding season the males develop a small crest and take on a prominent pattern of spots. Females are dorsally a dull brown colour. Both sexes have an orange ventral colour.